Dr. Kucera is the single most inspirational teacher I have ever had the honour to meet. She takes great pride in really teaching and mentoring each student, and you can tell she genuinely cares and goes well out of her way to help.  —Anonymous feedback from a Directed Studies student, Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, 2012

Hana was amazing! She was a favourite instructor for many of the Fall UP students, including myself. Her optimism, helpfulness, and overall cheerful mood really helped get us through this challenging course. DS [Directed Studies] can be very intimidating, difficult, and frustrating, but Hana was truly amazing at guiding the students through to the very end. Many thanks to her for her support. With her faith in us, I think we all were successful in this course. —Anonymous feedback from a Directed Studies student, Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, 2011

Hana has been an especially positive part of my Bamfield experience. She is approachable and genuine. I could always tell that she was focused on making our learning experience the best it could be. —Anonymous feedback from a student in Seminars and Papers, Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, 2010

Hana has a unique ability to pass on her enthusiasm to her volunteers. She maintains regular contact through email with the group and always has praise and encouragement for all of us. Her program management skills are superior and she always provides us with up-to-date information and statistics for our group. She is truly a positive personality which makes her such a good coordinator to work with. Hana inspires me to continue with the important task of science outreach, despite the often overwhelming combination of classes, research and LTSPP work. — Kim Allen, recommendation given when we were coordinators of the Let’s Talk Science Partnership Program together. 2008

Over the past 3 years, Hana has demonstrated to me time and again that she is an exceptional communicator and wonderful teacher. Hana is a highly dedicated professional that cares very deeply about Science Education and enriching students’ and teachers’ experiences within the classroom. —Lisa Holyoke- Walsh, Science Teacher, Leo Hayes High School, Fredericton, N.B. 2008